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MIwebdesigns provides a Web Design Yamanto service that is catered for businesses that wish to have a quality, mobile friendly, affordable website tailored for their business. 

The stiff entrepreneurial competition on the internet platform has left most businesses with no other option than to create the best possible online presence and impression.

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This has of course necessitated the investment of such companies in posh websites and related online services geared towards selling out the companies' products and services through making a suitable visual impression.

Getting to the provision of website design and related services, including: website hosting, graphic design, search engine optimisation and logo design, most clients will basically settle for a one-stop-shop where all these services can be provided.

In such a scenario, consistency of the quality and quality is guaranteed. That is the precise reason we exist: to provide all the website design, website hosting, graphic design, and search engine optimisation for Yamanto businesses.

MIwebdesigns is a family business that aims at creating websites that maximize the user-friendliness and appearance and provide a platform for reliable information.

It achieves this by the use of certain elements; graphics such as photos, video clips, and logos; color, single or multi-colored depending on the nature of the brand.

Also, font types that are commonly used by users and content, which should be relevant, reliable and have SEO to make it easy for the user.

Since the design is intended to serve consumers at a satiable level, it has been developed with several advantages that improve their performance and usability.

MIwebdesigns provides an interface that is easy to use by it's clients. Sign-in and registration options are also available for the user to access more private information.

Below is a list of the services MIwebdesigns provides:

Yamanto Website hosting

As a business, you are definitely associated with a lot of organisations supporting your business and members working towards its greater good.

Finding the right web hosting provider can be hectic however, using MIwebdesigns you’re assured of getting nothing but the best.

We offer your business a place in our world which you’re free to furnish as much as you’d wish to meet your business needs which is readily available, cost effective and is fully supported.

We also offer solutions to various website hosting issues to help your company site get back in the competitive business world and thrive as it should.

MIwebdesigns covers excellent server space for posting websites and webpages that are fast and easily accessible through main domains. The type of web hosting depends on the business requirements and financial plans. It comes with annual subscriptions.

Affordable Website design

Creating a website is accompanied by its designing. MIwebdesigns provides you with website design ideas and structures on a whole new level with a wide variety of possibilities to choose from and apply for your business.

Whichever option you choose to go in, you are bound to get a website that is well coded. And of course you can always rely upon a Yamanto mobile website package that is suited to your needs.

MIwebdesigns also creates web sites that enables users to access the internet fast, keeping maintenance costs low and offer a good start for a new business.

Logo design

MIwebdesigns does not only allows you to design your website but you have the added advantage to design your company’s logo. Once you’ve purchased your desired logo, proceed to describe the type of logo you want for your business.

In regards to your line of work, the logo design services offered will help you come up with the perfect logo to brand and sell your company.

When creating a company logo, at the back of your mind you should know that the logo needs to suit your business taste and should be appealing to customers so as to attract them to your business.

Your business logo is a visual expression of its identity, a vital tool in your brand. MIwebdesigns has a team of innovative professional designers who create remarkable logos based on current market trends that will send your business reeling with recognition in the internet world.

Mobile Friendly websites

Good web design considers the convenience of the websites to users regardless of their electronic gadgets. In the case of mobile phones, its font and graphic design are customized to be easily visible without the need to zoom.

Graphic design

Communication is essential for your business development. MIwebdesigns offers graphic design services by combining words, pictures and symbols to allow you reach out to your customers through contextual and visual communication media.

Business will choose graphic designing to advertise, brand the company and provide their customers with an easy to navigate web layout to enhance their access on the site.

MIwebdesigns helps you cater for your company needs and achieve your graphic design goals for your business.

This is a basic pillar of any website. The images, icons, picturesque and any visual element in a website defines the professionalism, personality and the image of a business. MIwebdesigns is aware of this importance and gives serious attention to the graphics used in the websites to ensure they turn out productive and attract the market.


The ease of use of a website by a user is crucial. MIwebdesigns has navigation tools like chapters, overviews, pages, related links, archives, lists and back-to-top links.

Browser compatibility

MIwebdesigns creates websites that are easily compatible with most web browsers so that the user will have little trouble accessing it from different applications.

E-Commerce Shopping Carts

MIwebdesigns includes information on payment options, product description, shipping and delivery methods, privacy and returns policies and product updated prices. All this is a crucial knowledge that the user needs when shopping online and its reliability is assured by MIwebdesigns.

E-commerce has become a prominent business type in the developing world. Shopping online is now a highly embraced activity, and users need a web design that offers excellent services.

Why choose us as your Yamanto partner?

The whole idea behind MIwebdesigns is to create a friendly website where businesses can get marketing ideas on how to improve their business viewing online and increasing the number of clients they’re handling.

Success is our ultimate goal for your business and to see it thrive and rise to become one of the leading in your industry. Invest in us today and get to build an empire from your business not only a big one but also successful.

To be the best in any business, one quality that you as a client has to address is where your every coin goes to. You cannot afford to invest in services do not assist you in bettering your financial position, so investing in MIwebdesigns as your partner today is the first step.

That's the sole reason our company exists: To ensure that you get quality for your money. Upon submission of your service request, our team will embark on seeing to it that your personal requirements are considered in executing the service you need.

With the best prices in the market and very timely delivery, we stand above the competition defined by our uniqueness in service provision.

Choose the best, don't settle for less.

Yamanto Wordpress websites

WordPress is an open source CMS (content management system). It is the most popular blogging system used to support websites. It accounts for up to a quarter of all websites globally. Another beauty of it is that it is absolutely free to upload and install WordPress because it is self-managed.

An international blogging system that charges nothing to install it is definitely the catch. Consultation usually entails figuring out the business needs and budget to see how to customise your website in WordPress.

Personal coaching at your residence is a special level. It involves a one-on-one session that ensures you have the full coaching experience, get a chance to clarify and make inquiries with immediate feedback and to properly analyze the consultant to determine whether they are suitable to manage your blog.

There are step-by-step training courses that train you to manage your website by learning the WordPress interface, Configuration, content creation, organization and presentation and expansion of WordPress functionality. The sessions are personal and also accessible through online videos, mobile phones, TVs and other internet-connected electronic gadgets.

WordPress has remarkable support plugin that takes only five minutes to start full operation. Free email support add-on is included in WordPress Awesome Support and is customisable to suit one's liking.

Email notifications that have supported include when; users open tickets by email, agents and users respond to tickets by email, adding new accounts, rejection of emails, obtaining new tickets from several inboxes and email handling rules and policies.

WordPress is a fully functional, trustworthy and authentic system that not only gives you a great opportunity to achieve your goals but also provides consistent support and communication to clients, any time of the day, any day of the week.


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