Kenmore Web Design

MIwebdesigns are happy to provide an affordable Kenmore web design service to help your business get to the next level. Our complete website packages start from just $850.

Did you know that your website is the first thing visitors online would notice about you. Statistics suggest that as many as 38% of people will bounce off your page if it doesn’t have a good layout or design.

Kenmore-QLD-4069And as many as 94% of first design impressions are design related. You know you wouldn’t want to get it wrong.

Looking for some effective and proven solutions for website designing? Worried about ROI? Come to us at MIwebdesigns.

We are a family owned business, also providing an Ipswich web design service for Ipswich residents.

Affordable Website Design in Kenmore QLD

Affordable and friendly, MIwebdesigns is always at your service. We aspire to provide you with the best service and assistance you’ll need.

Come to us for all your website designing needs –

  • Customise websites according to your brand requirements.
  • Build websites that are SEO friendly
  • Have fresh, oven baked designs tailored to your business needs
  • A robust framework that is sure to last you for years
  • Built on the userfriendly WordPress Content Management System
  • Low loading times to improve user engagement

If you are looking for mobile-friendly designs, we have some good news. The range of our Mobile Friendly Designs starts from $795 only!

It isn’t just some great website designs that we can help you with.

We also offer services in the following.


Looking for an attractive new logo for your new venture? Something meaningful yet fun for your site to be noticed and remembered? Fret not, for you have come to the right place!

At MIwebdesigns, we are here to design the most appropriate and attractive logos that suit your needs. Just tell us what you need and Viola! Your new logo will be made!


Worried about the complications of hosting your website? Regardless of whether you need shared web hosting for your personal website, blog or business, MIwebdesigns will provide cheap and reliable web hosting services.

With 24/7 customer services and credit card processing available, this is going to be your best bet!


Want to raise your website’s rank in Google’s search results? Or do you wish to improve the online visibility of your website by generating a large amount of traffic?

Save your time from researching about generating inbound links and backlinks to your content right away.

We employ the best tactics, strategies and techniques to increase the number of visitors and raising the placement of your website in all the search engines.

Avail the game-changing, professional Search Engine Optimization services from MIwebdesigns today!


It is very difficult to stay updated with the world of design. It is constantly evolving, becoming more edgy and versatile. Need customised art for your brand or business?
Then you have come to the right place.

At MIwebdesigns we have expert graphic designers who will look after your brand identity needs for advertising in web or print.

With extensive experience in this domain, you can be sure to attract a lot of attention with the eye-catching graphic designing we do!


Are you going to launch your own label online?

Well, that’s great news, CONGRATULATIONS!

If you are looking for a shopping cart to facilitate your e-commerce, we are here to help! We make sure your customers have the easiest accessibility and comfort in using your special deals and offers.

The shopping carts we design will also feature the real-time shipping rates in case you plan an international outreach.

Are you worried that credit cards are the most frequent payment methods opted for by customers?

We have found a solution to that too! Your shopping cart will also include the credit card processing getaway to ascertain you don’t lose customers for the lack of friendly payment methods! So what are you waiting for? Get ready to be the next big entrepreneur!


WordPress has long ceased to be just another blogging tool. Huge names like The Walt Disney Company have their websites on WordPress.

It’s only obvious that you might want the same! This is why MIwebdesigns has brought you the services to design and develop your highly function yet priceless website on WordPress. We take special care in offering you with a customized website that meets all your needs!



Yes, you read that right. If you need us just for the consultation purposes on a website you plan to have; we will be heading to your residence to have 60 minutes of some detailed discussion.

We promise to provide all knowledge we have on the subject to help you figure out your needs better. If you so wish, we may go further ahead with the designing, if not, no problem at all!
No obligations on your part are involved.


We are dedicated to helping you develop your website, on time. If you are not sure of running to different designers, again and again, we will provide you with the basic training required. We make sure you learn to manage and update your website on a regular basis.


We understand it is not possible for everyone to be very tech savvy, so we provide a brief introductory session on the attributes of web hosting.

From learning the basics of what is web hosting to the details about bandwidths and traffic, we try to help you develop an idea of the web hosting process. We make sure you gain a fair idea of the nuances involved to know exactly how your (or any other) website is going to work.

Our business runs strong on ethics and client satisfaction.