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MIwebdesigns also provide Ipswich SEO services to help your business grow your online presence.

What's the point of having a great website if nobody can find it? We specialise in Local SEO Pages that target your particular area and the service that you provide.

We want to let Google know that you are in business. Remember, Google is just a robot that needs to be specifically told what you are trying to rank for.

We also provide complimentary SEO rankings reports delivered to your inbox every week so you can have an active presence in your Google, Yahoo, & Bing ranking.

MIwebdesigns currently ranks #1 for Ipswich, Springfield, Yamanto, and Forest Lake for the keyword "web design".

We walk the walk.


What is Back-link acquisition?
This is where we identify opportunities to obtain back-links for your website. Back-links are the "steroids" of the internet. If you want to increase your Ranking in the search engines (mainly, Google), then you need back-links.

Back-links from other websites are VOTES. They simply tell Google that a website that links to you (from their website) is voting for your website. This is the biggest ranking factor that Google has that determines your ranking with them.


In short, we will identify the back-links that your competitors have (that are outranking you) and try and develop a relationship with the website owners to also obtain a back-link to your website.
What are SEO Pages?
SEO Pages are pages that have been specifically designed to rank for a certain keyword. In general, the more pages you have on your website means the more chances you have ranking for a diverse amount of keywords. e.g. "plumber in Ipswich". That is, if someone types into Google a keyword then you want your website to rank for that keyword.

If you are a Local business providing a Local service than an SEO Page could be considered a LOCAL SEO PAGE. This is a page specifically designed to rank for the Location + Service. (Like "plumber in Ipswich", OR "Ipswich web design"). Otherwise, an SEO Page could be a blog article or a page dedicated to a service you provide. It all depends on the type of business you have. We can help you decide which SEO Pages you need.

Ultimately, the more pages the better. So you always want to be increasing the amount of pages on your website. A FRESH website (a website that is constantly updating their website with Fresh content) will generally outrank a STALE website (a website that rarely updates their website).
What is the recommended length?

12 months.

It depends on how difficult your competition is for your industry and how long your website has been active for. New websites generally do not rank for the first 6 months due to Google's Sandbox.

With that being said, it is recommended minimising Authoritative Link Building aquisition if a website is less than 6 months old.

After 12 months, after your backlink profile is more established, you can decrease your SEO efforts to BI-monthly or quarterly.
Is there a lock-in contact?


It is a month-by-month basis. You can pull the pin any time, but it is recommended for a minimum of 12 months.
Do you offer a guarantee?


If your traffic has not increased after 12 months we will work for free until it increases.
How often do I receive SEO reports?


We will send automated keyword rankings and website traffic reports for complete transparency.

MIwebdesigns provides an Ipswich Search Engine Optimisation services primarily for Ipswich based businesses. Give us a call to day to learn more about our SEO packages.

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